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Your Air, Your Health, Your Future.

Our homes, offices, and public areas should be places we feel safe, but what if these places were affecting your health? K Heart Microbial was founded to help you understand your environment and keep you and your loved ones are safe.

Featured Services

We help individuals, families, businesses, and enterprise understand their exposure to environmental conditions that can be detrimental to human health and provided them with the tools needed to take control of these conditions.


Mold, Bacterial, Asbestos, Lead, no problem. Our team of Certified Microbial Inspectors, Certified Asbestos Consultants, Certified Industrial Hygienists, and Engineers can help identify problem areas and provide health saving solutions. Additionally, we use a third-party accredited lab for all our sample analysis, no cheating here.

Post Remediation Clearances

For stakeholders that want to know that the job was done correctly and for contractors that want to reduce their remediation liability we can provide an extensive post remediation clearance that certifies that industry standards were followed and that the space is ready for human occupation.

Protocols & Consulting

Contactors, make sure to get it right the first time. Our team of CMIs, CACs, CIHs, and Structural Engineers will ensure that you know exactly what needs to be done so that all your projects are on-time, on-budget, and within industry standards. We're here to make sure everyone succeeds.

Tailored Solutions

Outside of our featured services we offer a broad array of solutions that will help you take control of the environmental conditions that could be negatively affecting your health.


Mold is ubiquitous to nature and its everywhere, controlling concentration levels is the key. We can help homeowners, businesses, and contractors understand current conditions, how to remediate, then ensure spaces are safe for reoccupation.


Bacteria is impossible to see with the naked eye, yet it can be extremely harmful. Our team will ensure the event that possibly introduced bacteria is properly remediated and that bacteria such as E.coli are not present before reconstruction efforts are completed.

Asbestos & Lead

Asbestos & Lead can be found in many private and public buildings. Our team of CACs and CIHs can help homeowners, business owners, and contractors develop a safety and abatement plan that meets local and federal regulations.

Indoor Air Quality

Headaches, stuffy nose, body aches, lack of energy and other symptoms can be attributed to poor indoor air quality. We can help assess homes, offices, and commercial building for particulates, volatile organic compounds, allergens, microbes, air flow, proper HVAC sizing and balancing, lighting, and more.

Food Safety

The USDA has issued the Food Safety Modernization Act. Our team can help you comply in areas pertaining to water quality and the effectiveness of your HCAAP program through ATP and Microbial testing.

Project Consulting

Our team has consulted and managed thousands of projects. Over the years we have developed best practices and protocols that will ensure that remediation and abatement efforts are completed properly and efficiently. Our goal is to ensure that homeowners, business owners, and public officials understand their environment.

The perfect solution for your environment

Whether you're worried about your workplace or home, we're here to educate and provide you with the tools needed to take control of your air and health.

For Your Safety

For the safety of those you entrust us with, we have made a commitment to always use third-party accredited labs that verify our work and eliminate conflicts of interest. We will always hold true to this commitment.

Our Primary Goal Is To Educate

Our goal, and one of the primary reasons why I founded K Heart Microbial, was to educate individuals about the environment in which they live. There is a lot of misinformation out there, we're here to help you understand the truth and act towards improving your living and working environments. Remember its your air, your health, your future.

Krystal Lawrence

Owner & CEO

Have any questions?

We understand that mold, bacteria, indoor air quality, and other environmental issues are difficult to understand, but no worries! We'll help you understand the important stuff. Send us a message and a team member will be in contact within 24 hours.